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bdavies wrote: The boy in the dress.
My favorite author is David Walliams. I really enjoy reading some of his books! He has written, The boy in the dress, Demon dentist, Grampas Great Escape, Mr Stink and Rat burger. I like his books because they are very chatty and very inviting to the (More)
My favourite author is Rachel Rennee Russel. She publishes the Dork Diaries books, that I enjoy reading. It's quite a chatty book series as it is a diary. My favourite book she has written is Frenimies Forever. The illustration in it is very detaile (More)
My favourite author is Suzane collins, who writes the hunger game. I like her because her books are like the real world but explained in a different way. Her main features in books are adventure, fantasy with a bit of horror as well. The hunger games (More)
bdavies wrote: The snow bear
This book is written by Holly Webb. I recommend this book to anyone who ever like snow and bears. Sara came to her grandad's for a few days,before Christmas her grandad helped Sara build a igloo for a snow bear she found in the snow with out its moth (More)
The secret life of Jamie B is a great story book about a boy who saved people's lives by rapping with his partner Maria X. If you like rapping like me you will love this book it gives you Inspirations for your raps if you create them as well! My favo (More)
bdavies wrote: Sophie in the saddle
This book is about a little girl called Sophie and she has a dog called puddle.Sophie went on holiday and she meat her friend from school she has a horse called bumble bee and she ascend Sophie if she would want to ride him but she fell when she aske (More)
Today I will be doing a book review .Agatha Parrot is very funny and very interesting.It is about a girl called Agatha and her brother James and they made a cake with goo mushrooms and finger nails .This book is a fiction (story).My opinion is if it (More)
bdavies wrote: Kensuke's Kingdom.
This book is written by Michael Morpurgo. This book is about a boy called Michael who goes on a boat trip with his family, his mum, his dad and his dog, Stella Artois. Michael has a friend called Eddie. Eddie gives Michael a lucky football before he (More)
bdavies wrote: BFG
This book is by Roald Dahl, I recommend the BFG to people who like adventure books. My favourite character is the BFG and Sophie, also my favourite part is when the BFG takes Sophie from her home. In the book, everyone thinks the BFG is mean but he i (More)
bdavies wrote: Spook School
This book is written by Pete Johnson. It is a funny and scary adventure book. This book is mainly for boys but girls may like it. In the book Charlie isn't happy when he finds out he's a spook and he still has to go to school. People in year 4 and (More)