Letters to Mrs Claus…

We were so inspired by the M&S Christmas advert where Jake writes to Mrs Claus. So we decided to write our very own letters to Mrs Claus asking for special gifts for someone in our family.

We put our letters in envelopes with a special stamp and wrapped up a big box so we could send all of our letters to Mrs Claus in the North Pole.

We are so excited to hear back from Mrs Claus 🙂

Please leave us a comment and share what you would like for Christmas from Mrs Claus?

Miss Hamblin and Reception class.


Quad Blogging

You are now part of an exciting project called QuadBlogging. This project will see Reception partnered up with 3 other Reception classes from around the United Kingdom. You will be partnered up with two classes from Birmingham and one class from Liverpool.

http://montgomeryblogs.net/reception2016/ Montgomery Primary Academy in Birmingham (Reception)
http://percyshurmerblogs.net/reception2016/ Percy Shurmer Academy in Birmingham (Reception)
www.smithdownprimaryblogs.net/reception12016 Smithdown Primary School in Liverpool (Reception)

Use these links to explore their blogs. Also, what can you find out about the schools or their surrounding areas. You can use Google too.

Our Autumn walk…

Yesterday we went on a Autumn Walk

We saw lots of colourful leaves on the floor because it is Autumn now and they have fallen off the trees.

We collected leaves, sticks, conkers, stones and acorns in small bags so we could make pictures when we got back to school.

Please leave a comment to tell us what you think of our Autumn pictures.

Reception class.

Hello World!

Welcome to the brand new Reception Blog! We will be sharing all the amazing things we do in our class with you. We have shared phographs of our classroom environment for you to see where our learning experiences take place!If you are reading this from outside of the Rossmore Community, please spare us just one minute and leave us a comment telling us who and where you are. Any comment left will be checked before being shared with the pupils.

Thank you!