our pop art

Pop art is very eye-catching and it has vibrant colours.Year 6 have had there own chance to create there own pop art master piece. We have been studying Pop art master Andy Warhol.Andy Warhol was a famous artist from the 1960s.

My name is Ilana. I drew Her Majesty,Queen Elizabeth 2.  I used peach, white, rose, purple, orange and blue. It was very vibrant and popping with colour. I used Andy Warhol’s picture of Her Majesty for inpiration.

Hi my name is Libby .I also drew a picture of Andy Warhol’s but instead i drew Michael Jackson.I used eye catching colours: green,red,purple,blue,peach and black.

by Libby and Ilana

Can anyone give these children any tips for improving?

Camouflage hide and seek

Today the children have had a really busy day. We started off with croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast and then made our way to the Somme. We enjoyed looking around all the different sites and we learnt so many facts. One of our favourite oarts was visiting the trenches. Tonight we have come back to the chateaux and we have had tea (beef bourginon or fish or turkey) before having a go at camouflage hide and seek. We thought we would show you a few pictures from this….

Our medical session!

Last term someone came in from st johns ambulance. They taught us how to put people in the recovery position and what is poisonous.We spent a whole day learning about this and we had a great time.We also watched some videos about a boy that drank harmful chemicals by accident and a boy that is missing a limb but he lives a normal life.The last thing we did was if someone was choking.We used a mannequin and used our thumb to push the stomech wich forces out the thing they are choking on.If we could do it again we would.

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My story.


Once upon a time, there were two girls called Lucy and Paige. One day they were skipping excitiedly in the park untill it was dark. Their mum -called Belle -had finished baking cakes and also she had finished making their tea. When they got home they could smell the sweetness of the cakes. “Did you have a nice time at the park? Come sit down your tea is getting cold!”Announces their mum. Paige loved spending time with her sister. Afterwards Belle said, there were some cakes on the side. They were chocolate chip moist cakes that melted in your mouth.The next day Lucy heard Paige crying in her bedroom, she ran in. “What’s up? Why are you crying? Please stop,”said Lucy helping out Paige, “our Dad left me some shoes in the hallway, they fit me but they’ll fit you.”Replied Paige.

                       Three years later                           

“ITS CHRISTMAS!” Shouted Paige and Lucy. Firstly, started racing each other down the stairs. Both of them got a Princess outfits. Lucy got a yellow beauty and the beast outfit and Paige got a Aroura pink outfit.

Learning about blogging with Mr Mitchell.

Hi, just thought I should tell you about Mr Mitchell. He was in our year six class yesterday teaching us about blogging,we also all got our log ins for our blog so we can can post.We got way more visitors than before he came.Only 56 people from the UK had visited us,he gave us a big boost. That day we also did our very first own post by us and not bdavies (our class teacher Miss Davies).If you are reading this Mr Mitchell thank you very much. I have tagged you in this it really helped us.

Thank you@DeputyMitchell hope you enjoy our blog.

Natural Disasters

For the last term we have been learning about Natural Disasters. We had lots of fun like making  a home maid Volcano and plus we got to Erupt them (it was so fun).

What we learnt about.

We learnt that a Volcano is formed by two tectonic plaits over lapping each other leaving a gap for the magma to rise through. Also that a Earth Quaks are coursed by two tectonic rubbing together and that’s just for starters.If you experience natral disasters comment below.

Thats all for now.

My Favorite books in the whole world

Hi I’m Alissa from year 6.  I have been reading the BEANO and a couple of other books too.  If you ever see the BEANO in the librairy or anywhere, you should look in it it’s the best book you will ever see!  I have also read Club Penguin, if you know it on a game you should look in the books because if you want to get better at surfing in it then you will see that in the book.

I have been reading Moshi Monsters too.  It has got 239 pages, it tells you what codes to get your moshlings and it has little facts about them.  It has what categories they are in, like Gabby the mini moshifone who likes endless chit chat and 18 month contracts.  It dislikes greasy mitts and being dropped.  Here are a few facts about her from Buster Bumblechops – whether they’re flashing up funny messages, chatting to friends, playing games or composing new ringtones, these high tech dingaling moshlings are always on hand to help monsters conduct long-distance chit chats.

Yours sincerely

Alissa – please look at our blog and all the things we have been doing.

Noah Barleywater runs away

Year 6 have recently read a book called Noah Barleywater runs away.This book is written from John Boyne. I have a few questions about this book :

“What is the toy shop called”?

“Did Noah see the old man again”?

“Where did the puppet go in the end”?

If you enjoy books with mysteries you will love this book  to its core.Please if you get a chance read this book.Here are a few facts about the book.

Who wrote it : John Boyne

What is the book called : Noah Barleywater runs away

Who are the two main characters : Noah Barleywater and the old man

What is the plot of the story : Noah Barleywater runs away and meets a old man they tell story’s of there past.Then Noah has to make the biggest decision of his life.Will he go home or will he stay with the old man? What do you think? leave your comments below.

Welcome to our fantastic first blog by Reece and Ellis!

Hi we are two pupils from Rossmore school in Little Sutton,Ellesmere Port.If you do not know this location you may know Ellesmere Port for Cheshire Oaks, Liverpool for the football club and Chester for the Cathedrals.These are all close locations to our School .Ellis’s favourite sport is football and my favourite sports are tennis, football and many more!


Welcome you our sensational blog from Ben and Isaac

We are two pupils from Rossmore school in little Sutton in the middle of Liverpool and Chester. You might know Liverpool from the football team and Chester for its cathedrals.

About us

Hi my name is Ben and I like playing sports. My favourite sports: Football, Rounders, Dodgeball and Rugby. I have  a pet dog called Milo, he is a lasoapso. I go out with my mates to Cheshire oaks, ellemere port. My mates are Dillon, Isaac, Tommy, Henry and Taylor.

Hi hi my name is Isaac I love playing sports but my favourite sport is football and golf. I also have two pet dogs called Ralph and hiedi, one is a French mastiff and the other is a St.bernerd cross rottwiller

All about us!!!!!

Hi,we our Libby and Taran from Little Sutton,Ellsmere Port.We go to Rossmore Primary school.We live near Liverpool and Chester.Our hobbies are rugby, football, hockey, ice hockey and rounders.We both have pets and they are rabbits,cats and dogs.There names are Lola, Scruffy, Blossom, Alan, Mr bunny face, Mog and Zazles.Outside of school We like to play out with our friends and colour.

Hello it’s me.

Hi our names are Hannah and Toni. We go Rossmore School in Little Sutton,Ellesmere Port. Which you might know Ellsemere Port because of Cheshire oaks.


I’m going to tell you about my tap dancing. In the summer I got a bronze medal. I did not come third place I was doing it for a bronze medal. I am now practicing for my primary tap. You are ment to do Primary first, but my partner was doing bronze. She had already done Primary so I had to do bronze. 


Hi,I love singing,I have have three cats(Toni:crazy cat woman).My favourite sport is netball witch is a sport where you can’t bounce the ball or move with it,it was originated from basketball.

Hi everyone

Hi, We are from Rossmore school in Little sutton (near Liverpool and cheshire oaks).You most probably know Liverpool for its football team and Chester for its Cathedrals.

Our names are Dillon and Caine. We both do a club (Drama club). We do this club for a bit of fun and to get a speaking part in our Chrismas play.

Dillon: Hi, you all know my name if you don’t it’s Dillon. I do alot of sports like; football only some times though i mostly like running  with my mate ben we are the fastest in the school. I have a rabbit called eevee a dog called jess and a lizard called lola.

Caine: Hi my name is caine if you didnt know it already.i like lots of different sports;football,dodgeball,swimming and more…      I have two Dogs ,two Lizards,one Rabbit.

Thanks for reading our first ever blog.

All about erin and summer

Hello our names are Erin ,Summer

we both go to Rossmore School located in Little Sutton between Liverpool and Chester.And if you are unsure of these places you should know them by liverpool football team and chester by the cathedral .

Hi am summer and I am going to tell you about one of my favourite sport Tag Rugby. Resently I went to The Academy high school to play Rugby my School got to the finnals but we unfortunately lost.

Hi am Erin and i am going to tell you about my most favourite hobbie and pet witch is horses riding  i am now abel to jump and lots more. Thats it for now hope u liked our first post .

Things about us-Jack and Mckenzie!

Hello this is Mckenzie and Jack in Year 6 from Rossmore school in little Sutton. This is our very first individual blog. We are near Liverpool and Chester. This is McKenzie and I like to play tennis and I play the trombone and I have two dogs. Hello I am Jack, I love basketball but I love making games and I have my own gaming website.I have a pet gold fish at my dads house named Duncan.


Welcome to our spectacular school

Hi, welcome to Rossmore school. We are located in between Liverpool and Chester. My name is Calam and I’m from Ellsmere port, hi my name is Billy and I’m from little Sutton. Our favirote sports are ice hockey, tennis and running. Our favourite subject is maths and science. Im Calam and I have 2 cats and 2 rats. I’m Billy and I have 2 cats and 10 fish.

The best school in the world

Hi, we are Alissa and Olivia.We go to Rossmore school in little sutton, near Liverpool. Our Hobbies are Gymnastics and Dancing. Alissa has three cats and they are called;Scat,Lacy and Buster. I have a cat called Tom. My favourite game is Headbands and Olivia’s favourite game is monopoly. Alissa’s favourite subjects are; Mathematics, science and writing.Olivia’s subjects are mathematics and theme.Thank you for reading  what our favourite interests are.