QuadBlogging 2017

Welcome back to QuadBlogging! You have been allocated a brand new Quad. You will be Quad51 and the other Year 5 classes are located in America and the United Kingdom. Here are the links you will need:

Whitchurch Junior School – Their blog is HERE.
Stocklmeir Elementary School in America – Their blog is HERE.
Eason Elementary – Their blog is HERE.
Then there is of course your blog!

Here’s a video created by pupils in America, New Zealand and Australia about QuadBlogging:

My book review of gansta granny

Hi it is Emily,this is my book review on gansta granny.It is funny and interesting.My favourite bit is where she she steals the jewels from the jewelry shop.The boy is a kind and caring character.The granny us sly but funny.the mum and dad are little bit mean because they don’t let the big go to his grandma’s house.So that is it ! I recommend this to Ebony and Izzi.     Thank you from Emily


wanted for bad deeds if you bring her ALIVE then  the  big cash prize will be £100,000 so get hunting!!!!

This twisted old woman stole a poor girls life for ever, but even worse she stole  her fab job off making kids smile. She is evil her blood shot eyes look  like rotten red apples. Her rotten breath kills animals as she walks past and kills the leaves on the trees. T woman glares at you like a seagull in the night. her face is so wrinkled it peels so easy like the bark off a tree. under her jet black hat sits her long droopy hair like a stringy cob web. dirty nails curl in like a lion ready to jump scare its  pray.  


All about me!

Hello my name is Hollie! I’m 9 years old and I live in the U.K. I love netball and gymnastics. Also I support Liverpool. I suppose you would consider me as a sporty person but I love shopping! I have a older brother called Charlie,he is in high school and he always plays on the Xbox!when I have free time I’m go outside on my own and I do gymnastics but sometimes I play with my neighbours. I have a pet called snoopy he is a jack Russel also he is a very hypo. My favourite animal is a panda. Sometimes,  I like doing art like colouring and doing DIYs at home.my friends are nearly all the people in the class. My favourite shops are Claire’s I like going Claire’s  Because I get jojo bows and the phone cases.i love build a bear because I like getting Care Bears. My favourite colour is blue,purple,turquoise and mint green. I hope I have some questions that I’m more than happy to answer! I hope you enjoyed my blog!

All about me!

Hello, my name is Sophie! I am 10 years old and I live in the U.K. I love school. I love Netball, dancing and Football. I support the team Liverpool. I really love taking part in school tournaments. I suppose you would consider myself as a sporty person but I also love shopping! My favourite shop is Claire’s Accessories. Are you wandering what I buy from there? If so, I love buying JoJo Siwa bows! I have an older brother, who is in high school, called Lewis. When I have free time at my house, I get to play out with my friends. I don’t have any pets but I would really like a dog or a rabbit. Sometimes, I like doing arts and crafts. I enjoy colouring, drawing, making and painting! All my friends are really caring to me and they always make sure I’m ok. Rossmore is a great school. I hope I have some questions, that I’m more than happy to answer! I Hope you enjoyed my blog!

hello my name is Harrison,  I live Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, near liverpool. I have seen a lot of your Blogs .

I have 2 older brothers and 3 sisters.My sister’s names are Alex, Tasha and Zara my mums name is Kasey and my dads is Shaun. I like fruit.my pet’s name is Rustyfor the dog ,Tiger the cat and Victor the tortoise.I support Liverpool and I love burgers and any meet leave a comment bellow what team you support.⚽️Ihave a laptop and iPad

All about us by Isabelle & Abbie

This blog post will be about us and things we like to do.

This is what Abbie likes:

I love to play netball with my friends at school! I also love my two cats Phoebe and Tallulah. I have one half sister called Kelsea and she is 18. I am interested in netball, dancing, playing on my phone and swimming! My favourite food is definitely pizza. My least favourite food is carrots! All of my friends are very supportive and I appreciate them lots. I love having sleepovers with my friends! My favourite colour is blue!

This is what Isabelle likes:

Hi! My name is Isabelle and I love playing netball with my in-school friends! Netball is my favourite sport. I have a sister and she is called Orla. I have no hobbies apart from netball inside of school. When I have free time, I go on my phone and mostly text my friends. My favourite food is obviously cucumber and my least favourite food is whipped cream, I don’t like the texture! My favourite colours are orange and sea blue. I have to many friends to mention! I used to have three dogs, there names are Buddy, Dunk and Saffi.

Thank you for reading our blog post! Come and read our posts again!!

Thankyou for reading our blog post! Please comment and say what you think is good about this blog and what we could do better! Check out some of our friends blogs!


About us by Izzi and Hannah!

About Hannah

Hello world it is Hannah.

I love to play netball,I play for a teem. I play for Ellesmere Port netball club with my best friend Izzi.Mybest friend is Izzi. My favourite band is LITTLE MIX !!My favourite football team is Liverpool.My favourite animal is graffitis and duck .I like playing netball. I have 3 dogs there names are Blue-bell ,Pepper and Rex.My favourite food is cucumber. I live in little Sutton. I have a brother.My favourite colour is red.That is all for now.

About  Izzi!!!

I am Izzi I love to play netball, I play for the Ellesmere Port team with my best friend Hannah. My favourite band is LITTLE MIX!!! Also my favourite colour is RED for L.F.C (Liverpool)  I have 2 brothers one is my twin who is 9 and one is my younger brother who is 7  also I have a sister who is 0. I am from Little Sutton which is close to Liverpool and Chester. My favourite football team is Liverpool. My favourite animal is a giraffe or a zebra.

That is all about me

About myself

In this post I’ll tell you about me

I love Lego because I can make anything with it. Also I like suicide squad because I like dc super heroes and villains .

I have a little brother called Jacob and he hates hugs but he is also a wimp when he’s not allowed to do something and mostly he goes on his I pad but I go on my Xbox or my phone. Also I had a dog and it died but I still have a cat called Oslo. Also my mums name is sue and my dads name is Chris.

about me

Hello my name is Josh and I love football. I support Liverpool. I go to Rossmore primary school. I have a pet dog. Here’s what my friend Joseph thinks about me. Josh is a very good friend I have always been friends with him. He is a great friend to be around and we both love taking part in sports he is very kind. Hi im Ronnie Josh’s friend. I think he is very competititive. He is very good at football. He is my bff. I will be friends with him forever. Bye for now.

Hello summer and Layla here

Hi I am called Layla ,  I love art and my favourite hobbie is craft . I like painting , cutting and sticking and drawing too.  I like taking part in different sports activities

ing part in different sport activities .

hi my name is summer , I love doing sporty stuff. I go to A STAR SPORTS  and I go to a swimming club

by Summer and Layla


All about meeee

Hello my name is grace, I am aged 9 I live in the U.K./ ellsmere port. I love football. I play for a girls football team, I support Everton my family love to watch me. my brother called Tom he is in high school also he plays football my dad is a football manager. I have a fish called klouse. When I have free time I play out. I love shopping but not for food. My favourite shop is Clair’s accessories! What do I by from there? Jojo siwa bows and lots more. I love trampoline parks! THEY ARE FUN. When I have time I do crafts and art. All my friends are really nice to me they always make sure I am happy or ok. Rossmore is a great school. I love jewellery. My favourite colours are mint green, purple and silver. I hope you enjoyed my blog!

I hope you have lots of questions for my next blog!

by grace

All about Harriet

Hi my name is Harriet I am 10 years old and I love horses and rabbits. I have lots of interests, like horse riding and swimming. My horse is 4 years old and my rabbit is newly 1 years old in October .

Things about me ………

I have Alpha  1 Antitriplyn  defisciency, that is liver discese  that means my liver does not work properly, so I have lots of medication to keep me from getting very poorly .I also have many more problems but that does not stop me from going to do what I want to do, like when I am older I want to be a doctor .

Thank you for listening, stay positive and please ask me any questions !

Swegway swag……

I have a black and red Lamborghini hover board with 8″ wheels. I go to the park with my friends and we do spins and tricks on them. It faster than my grandads scooter !!!!

I can do the following tricks:-

1. Burn out – when you stop and spin one wheel, with one in the air and it makes scratching noise.

2. Jump on and off.

3. Spin around on two wheels.

4. Sit on it whilst moving.

5. Gone on our elbows and knees.

I hope you liked my post, please ask me any questions or suggest new tricks!




All about me

Hello,it’s Emily here and I am going to tell you about me.I love school . My amazing hobby is dancing I go to a dance class .I used to have a pet hamster but sadly he died I also have two fish but sadly they died as well.When I have free time at home I always play out with my friends.My favourite restaurant is probably k.f.c because it is really nice and the ice cream is amazing.I have a little sister called daisy she is 7 years old .My playing out friends are Ebony , Abigail, ryes , Alex ,Abbie ,Connie , Joesph and Mackenzie.I love swimming.I have Hypomobiloty it means I have something wrong with my feet.My favourite shop is WH Smith and paper chases down hobby craft they are all craft and staintionry.My favourite sport is netball and swimming.My best toy is my monster high dolls . My favourite stationry is my rubbers I have 145 rubbers .WOW. I collect them. My favourite ice cream is cookie doe ice cream.. Thats all about me From Emily

All about me!

Hello, my name is Ebony-Elyse and I am 10 years old. I love school! My hobby is doing craft work and I love netball. I have a dog called Pedro. My favouite fruit is apples and stawberrys . I like swiming but I don’t like getting my hair wet! The best resturant in my opinion is Frankie and Bennys. I had a stroke when I was 8. A stroke is a blood clot in the brain that burst and it puts you in hospital! You could pass away from it but I’m a surviver!

Thats all about me!

Zoe and Abbie J

Hi it’s Abbie J

I have a little sister called Izzy she is five years old and I am now ten. We both have the same hobby and that’s majorettes we go competitions every Sunday. My favorite animals are penguins and my favorite sport is netball. My favorite colours are blue and purple. My favorite book is the hunger games by Suzanne Collins. My favorite food is roast dinner. My favorite singer is Ed Sheeren. The song I love from Ed Sheeren is castle on the hill. My favorite subject in school is maths and art. My best friend is Zoe. Bye for now .

Hi it’s Zoe ,

I have 2 little brothers called Alexander and Benjamin  and 1 little sister called Brooke. I am 10 years old. I have a step dad called Dave. My favorite hobbys  are swimming and sapphire dance club. My favorite animal  is also a penguin and my favorite sport is dodgeball and netball. My favorite color is blue. My favorite book is the midnight gang by David Williams. My favorite dinner is tune pasta bake. My favorite band is little mix. The song I love from little mix is touch. My favorite subject in school is maths and art. My best friends are Abbie J and Sophie J. Bye for now.


today a man named mr sledge told us about Fair Trade and what Fair Trade meant . all of the Fair Trade prouducts were made in the carabean. We learned that all coco beans should add up to 5 kills grams but the people that payed them for the coco beans payed them like it was 2 killagrams . Fair Trade is about paying the farmers fairly for all the work and effort they have done picking these products . Next time you visit the shops just look out for any Fair Trade foods and remember were they came from and how much traveling they done to get this food to us.

by Layla



Today a guy called mr sledge came in the hall to teach us about fairtrade and it was fun we played  breaks and ladders and we put things together and we did a quiz.Before faitrade they didn’t eat chocolate in different contries

Harrison and Lewis

Fair trade

Today a man caome in. His name was mr sledge. He taught us about fair trade. We learnt that fair trade was like people making chocolate on farms and got less money than what they deserved. So then fair trade started and the farmers got the amount that they deserved.



by summer and abbie

Fair trade

Today,a man called mr Sledge came in to teach us about Fair trade.We didn’t know, the farmers that farm the ingredients, are not getting the right amount of money.We also didn’t know, that they weigh the chocolate before we eat it.Mr Sledge told us to lookout for any Fair trade logos on food.   Next time you go shopping look out for the logo!

By Hollie H and Izzi T

Fair trade

Today a man named Mr Sledge. He thought us about Fair Trade. He said the people used to secretly wheighed the coco beans so the farmers got less amount of money. So if chocolate with the Fair Trade logo it means the farmers the right amount of money

By Zoe

Fantastic,Fun Fairtrade helps farmers!

Today Mr Sledge came into are school to teach us about Fairtrad.I learned a lot.We done four activities.Also we learned how Fairtrad help Farmers. They put there logo different foods. It was amazing.                                                           By Hannah

Today a man came in to our school and talked to us about fairtrade. And we also done four activities it was very fun. I learned that fairtrade also help poor people put a shelter up for there house

by grace

About Joseph

Hello my name’s Joseph. I am 10 and I’m from Ellesmere Port in England which is near Chester. I love playing football and I love bmxs. I go to Rossmore primary school and I enjoy all the learning we do there. I support Everton football club. I love doing fitness and I do 30 press ups and 30 sit ups a day. Now I have started blogging, I will do a Q&A so please comment with  questions. Here is what my friend Ronnie thinks about me. I am Ronnie and  Joseph is a really good friend. I have been friends with him since reception. He is like a class clown. Here’s what my friend Josh thinks about me. I’m Josh and I think Joseph is a very good friend. He is really funny. I’ve been friends with him forever.


About me

Hello I’m Ronnie I like football.I support Liverpool.F.C.I have a pet goldfish.I go to Rossmore Primary School and I enjoy what we’re learning. Here is what my friend Joseph thinks about me. Ronnie is a very nice person and very (competitive) and he is very good at sport and is always ready to learn. I will be blogging more and leave some comments about what we’re learning. Here is my friend Josh here is what he thinks about me. My name is Josh and I think Ronnie is very funny and is a very good friend. I’ve been friends with him forever. Ronnie is very competitive.

Granny Grabbers Daring Rescue!

This book is called ‘Granny Grabbers Daring Rescue’. It is about a robot, granny grabbers, and a girl who she looks after, Delilah. Granny grabbers and Delilah get up to mischievous things behind Delilah’s parents backs. Delilah, Granny and Babatunde (Delilahs best friend) go to Blingmans Store to rescue Granny Grabbers little robot friend from Happy Home Robotics, the place where all robots were made. The little robot is called Pug, Pug is from the Sort-It-Squad, the squad is a cleaning company who work at Blingmans Store. I reccomend this book to anyone who likes funny books, like Hannah or Summer.

By Isabelle

Hoops for health!

Today we were really lucky to have 3 members of the Cheshire Phoenix basketball team in. We learned about damage that cigarettes can do. Did you know that cigarettes have more than 4000 chemicals ? Also we learned about how different foods can keep us fit. This is important for the basketballers to keep them fit to play. The best thing was learning how to dribble with the ball and there was alot of funny concentrating photos.

By Sophie Aston

MIDDLE SCHOOL my brother is a big fat liar !

This is a very humorous book about a girl Georgia and her mischevous brother Rafe he is very naughty and even changed the school rules ! Now everyone thinks that Georgia will be the same as Rafe so no one will be her friend ! She can’t even sit at a table for lunch( poor girl )! I recommend this book to anyone who has a big mischievous brother who is very annoying and gets his own way .

Blurb:              Being Rafe Khatchadorian’s sister isn’t easy …….

Rafe broke school rules for fun . Rafe’s report card never saw an A . Rafe made a million enimies in school . And now everyone thinks I’m just like him ! So I’ve got to prove him wrong !!!


Fair trade

Today a man called Mr Sledge came to our school to teach us about fair trade.Mr Sledge tourt us about fair trade food some are bananas, wine,chocolate,cotton and coffee.Fair trade means do something and get money back fairly.With Mr Sledge we done fore activities like snakes and ladders,a quiz ,a map and chocolate chain in order.                                                         ByEmily and Ronnie

Fair Trade

Today, mr Sledge came to our school to talk about Fair trade. We learnt that fairtrade is about helping foreign farmers to earn their wages so they can afford homes,food,education.Before fairtrade existed farmers didnt get the amount of money they should have had. children sometimesdint get the rightbubble amount of food and education meaning they wouldnt get a good job when they grew up! We learnt that fair trade saves lives!

Fair Trade Day!

Today a man, called Mr Sledge, came to our school to talk to us about fair trade! We all learned new things. Such as…

The Fair trade logo is on a lot of foods such as coffee, chocolate, bananas & more! We also found out farmers should get the amount of money they are owed.

We also played some games. We played brakes and ladders (fair trade version) putting pictures in the correct order about how chocolate is made and a quiz about bananas! We also had a map and pictures of food to put on, we had to put the right picture where the food came from. It was a lot of fun!

By Abbie W and Isabelle.

Outstanding Outlaw

The book I have been reading recently has been called Outlaw, it is about Robin Hood and his gang of misfits trying to conquer the wicked sheriff of Nottingham and get the good king Richard back! My favourite part was when there was a big bow and arrow 🏹 fight. I was happy that the outlaws won. This book was interesting and i would recommend it to Mrs Schofield! If you’re into intense books 📚 this is the book for you! 👻My favourite character was Robin Hood because he was courageous,friendly and loyal!

By Joseph

My book

i have been reading the monster makers and so far they have drew some great monster picturs and they are fiting over who`s is better! And there aunty is telling them all about the monsters that come to life…

Midnight gang

My book is midnight gang by David Williams

It’s about children in a hospital that go on adventures every night. Sally and Amber are my favourites as Amber is very bossy and Sally preservers all the time even though she is very poorly. I enjoyed the book so much as you didn’t know what adventure was next. I would recommend this book to any body who’s adventurous

I am so over being a loser

My book is about a boy named  Ben and his mum is  really embarrassing  acting all cool because she had won a feekos supermarket competition pulling tonges and winking in front of a camera  her life is very important to  her and very organised the only place that she is ever cool is when there’s a feekos camera in front of her.

Her life is spent under the feekos camera

i am so over being a loser

This book is a funny book about a boy called ben who’s very  embarassed about his mum who’s won a crazy super market competion called feekos . Ben’s mum spends her life in front of the camera taking pictures of her self winking and pulling tonges advertising about the feekos supermarket competition i like this book because its funny and crazy i would recommend this book to Abbie j Abbie w and Issabell


The story of Tracy beaker

I recommend this book to Sophie  because she likes diaries and it is funny. The book is written by an author called jackilean Wilson. My favourite part of the book was when Tracy said she was going to do a list of mean stuff to Louise. All and all I would really recommend this book to Sophie as it is a really good book to read.

the hunger games

This book is based around a 16 year old girl called Katniss Everdeen. She lives in a place called district 12 which is one of the 12 districts surrounding the capitol. Each district provides the capitol with different supplies in return the capitol let them live. Further into the book they hold a competition called the hunger games. The hunger games is all about 2 people from each district are chosen to fight to their death, 24 go in and only 1 comes out…  All throughout this book there are jaw dropping and unpredictable moments. I would recommend this book to people with a dark sense of adventure.

spook school

So far in my book there is a boy called Lewis and Charlie and Charlie loves being a spook. A giant rat is haunting a boy. This rat can get as big as a pony. Also, this rat starts tiny and gets bigger and bigger. Charlie and his best friend Lewis have to find out what this giant rat is doing and they have to make it stop. But something causes a problem………


Written by Andrew Cope

Fiction book

Published by Puffinbooks

A gang of villainous teachers are plotting to make their school the best. The main character of this book is a dog called Lara, She’s a agent named GM451. She goes on lots of adventures with his owner. The family that own Lara are called Ben, Sophie and Ollie.

An exciting book…

My reading book from school is a very exciting book. It is my favorite book of all time! It is called Mr stink. I love this book because it has a lot of suprises in it! A man called me stink is homeless and has no where to live. Suddenly a girl called Chloe came along and tries to help me stink sometimes she sneaks out to give me stink and his dog (the duchess) some food. This book is by David Williams. I would recommend this book to Zoe and Abbie j because they like David Williams books.

Happy holidays

Hello fivesies,

Hope that you are having an amazing holiday and having lots of fun. Remember that teeny bit of homework that I gave you? Blog about a book that you have read. Tell us what is brilliant about it,who your favourite character was etc. Don’t forget to suggest someone who would like to read it.


My book is The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins. It is a very exciting thriller about a lady that takes the train everyday to work. Things are the same on most days but then strange things start to happen. I loved the book because it’s full of suspense with lots of twists and turns. I would recommend it to Mrs Hope and Mrs Schofield.