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Welcome back to QuadBlogging! You have been allocated a brand new Quad. You will be Quad51 and the other Year 5 classes are located in America and the United Kingdom. Here are the links you will need:

Whitchurch Junior School – Their blog is HERE.
Stocklmeir Elementary School in America – Their blog is HERE.
Eason Elementary – Their blog is HERE.
Then there is of course your blog!

Here’s a video created by pupils in America, New Zealand and Australia about QuadBlogging:

Les spinners de la main

Happy Friday everyone! I am so sorry that I still haven’t managed to reply to all of your questions but we are out all day and working hard. Yesterday I went to my school in Toulouse. I had an amazing day as my class went out to visit a space station. I spoke in French all dsy a d learned lots about space. They loved yoir bookmarks and are going to send us something. Guess what? The have fidget spinners which they call spinners de la main. They also flip bottles and dab! 😂😂

how to ask you a few

Dear miss sixsmith,

we would like to ask you a few questions about how you are in carcassonne. How did you get there? how mutch lugage could you take? How lond did it take to get there Or ? Was the weather is cloudy here⛅️⛅️? Are you staying is a nice place? Are you excited  but nervous to teach in french? In carassonne do they have fidget spinners there? In france how many english people are there in your class ‍ ‍?

We send all are hope is teaching

Love from Sophie and Zoe


Miss Sixmath’s travels !!🇫🇷

Who did you travel with? Eb’s                             🗼                                   What is the weather like? Han🌦                          What is your favourite thing about Carcassonne?Eb’s.                                                                                How much luggage did you bring?Han                                                           Is there any time difference there?  Eb’s                   Are you having fun?Han 😀                                          What rewards do they have in the school?Eb’s🎖         Do they have fidget spinners?Han    

We love you lots xxx ❤️                                           By Ebony-Elyse and Hannah

The faraway tree by Enid blyton! Reviewed by Joseph

The Faraway Tree is a great set of books by Enid Blyton! The best character is Mr Saucepan man! Enid Blyton is a fiction book writer! She has wrote lots of books and is loved by millions! In the Faraway Tree it is about a few children who had to move house due to not paying rent! They thought their new house was boring until the day they visited the Enchanted woods which changed their  thoughts on the situation massively! They went on breath-taking adventures that some kids could only dream about! Enid Blyton is definitely my favourite author.

She is a very descriptive author and if I could ask  her one question, it would be whether she’d ever like to experience some of the adventures she’s wrote about! I would have loved her to write a diary one day!!

By Joseph


The boy in the dress.

My favorite author is David Walliams. I really enjoy reading some of his books! He has written, The boy in the dress, Demon dentist, Grampas Great Escape, Mr Stink and Rat burger. I like his books because they are very chatty and very inviting to the reader. They are really funny books and very adventurous. In my favorite book there are characters like Mum, Dad, John, Dennis, Lisa and others that are absoulutly, hilarious! The setting is home and mainly school. By Ebony

Dork Diaries Frenimies forever

My favourite author is Rachel Rennee Russel.
She publishes the Dork Diaries books, that I enjoy reading. It’s quite a chatty book series as it is a diary. My favourite book she has written is Frenimies Forever. The illustration in it is very detailed. I would consider the series of books to be all diaries.
The main character in Dork Diaries is Nikki Maxwell, the biggest dork in the whole school. She has two friends called Chloe and Zoey. However, pretty much everyday at WCD (Westchester country day middle school) Nikki faces her fears by having a locker right next to her worst enemy, Mackenzie Hollister!
I would like Rachel Rennee Russel to write a book in the point of view of either Nikki’s BFFs or maybe some of the other pupils that attend the school.
Do you have an illustrator or do you illustrate the books yourself?

Sophie J

The hunger games, suzzane collins

My favourite author is Suzane collins, who writes the hunger game. I like her because her books are like the real world but explained in a different way. Her main features in books are adventure, fantasy with a bit of horror as well. The hunger games are split into three parts the first one she is chosen for the hunger games the second she gets her revenge on the president and the third is mainly focused on sorrow and how she is after it. My favourite one is the second. If i were to meet this author, I would ask her how did she come up with this type of story? Because it ends on a cliff hanger, I would like it if she made a fourth book about how her life is after the hunger games and if her children become a fighter, like her….

The snow bear

This book is written by Holly Webb. I recommend this book to anyone who ever like snow and bears. Sara came to her grandad’s for a few days,before Christmas her grandad helped Sara build a igloo for a snow bear she found in the snow with out its mother.Im enjoying this book because I love snow and bears.this book is more of an adventure book girls and boys can read it but some boys might not like it. My favorite part of the book is when Sara finds the snow bear.year 4 and up can only read it because some words are tricky.


Alfie- Alfie is my pet dog he is a cavalier King Charles spaniel and is 7 years old he loves snuggles and is very loyal he has an instagram account called cavalieralfie.

ROSIE-Rosie is my other pet dog she is a sprocker spaniel and is 1 years old. She loves being active and is full of energy. She has an Instagram account called sprockerosie.

TUCKY-Tucky is my guinea pig he is very lively but loves his cuddles.

SNOWFLAKE-snowflake is my other guinea pig she has a big appetite but is very cute.

Thats all for now please comment and remember questions for my q&a

bye from Joseph.



Today my blog will be about bmxs and other things on wheels.

BMX-I personally love bmxs they are great for stunts and tricks and are great to ride around on.

MOUNTAIN BIKE-I love mountain bikes because I go on so many adventures on them I would really recommend them.

SCOOTER- I love scooters because they have tiny wheels on and I am great at doing tricks on them.

MINI ROCKER-Mini rockers are tiny mini bikes with thick tires I will be getting one soon. A famous person rides them in the uk his name is Harry main.

FLICKER-I love flickers because you can drift around on them!

Skateboard-I love skateboards because you can do lots of tricks on them and go down giant hills really fast.




The secret life of rap star JB

The secret life of Jamie B is a great story book about a boy who saved people’s lives by rapping with his partner Maria X. If you like rapping like me you will love this book it gives you Inspirations for your raps if you create them as well! My favourite character is JB because he is super good at rapping and he is very funny. JB and Maria X have to save the Richard English school students from the Evil Richar English. Hay man I your number one fan take a look in this book peace out.

Sophie in the saddle

This book is about a little girl called Sophie and she has a dog called puddle.Sophie went on holiday and she meat her friend from school she has a horse called bumble bee and she ascend Sophie if she would want to ride him but she fell when she asked him to walk! But soon she was jumping and her parents thought it was time to get her a pony of her own . I recommend this book to people who like fiction and story books and horses.
I like this book because it teaches you to beaver give up just try and try again.

Agatha parrot and the mushroom boy

Today I will be doing a book review .Agatha Parrot is very funny and very interesting.It is about a girl called Agatha and her brother James and they made a cake with goo mushrooms and finger nails .This book is a fiction (story).My opinion is if it is funny and makes you laugh.It makes me feel happy and makes me to bake cakes that is why I like it .
I recommend this to people that like funny and interesting books .I LOVE THIS BOOK
The author is Kjartan Poskitt and the illustrated by David Tazzyman.

By Emily Nevin

Kensuke’s Kingdom.

This book is written by Michael Morpurgo. This book is about a boy called Michael who goes on a boat trip with his family, his mum, his dad and his dog, Stella Artois. Michael has a friend called Eddie. Eddie gives Michael a lucky football before he leaves, so Michael can remember Eddie. One day, Stella Artois was on the edge of the boat, then, she falls in! Michael and his mum and dad saved Stella and pulled her back on the boat. Some days later, Michael and Stella were playing ball on the boat, by accident, Stella knocks the ball into the water and jumps in after it! Because Michael’s parents were in bed, Michael jumped in after Stella and the lucky ball, trying to save it. Michael, the ball and Stella wash up onto an island and meet a person called Kensuke. He was old and grumpy towards Michael, but Stella seemed to like him. Kensuke starts speaking random words that only make sense to him. This book is funny and kind of adventurous. I would recommend this to boys and girls.


This book is by Roald Dahl, I recommend the BFG to people who like adventure books. My favourite character is the BFG and Sophie, also my favourite part is when the BFG takes Sophie from her home. In the book, everyone thinks the BFG is mean but he isn’t. BFG stands for big friendly giant.

Chester zoo trip

On Friday, we went to Chester zoo and saw half of the animals’ like the Meerkats’ scurrying like lunatics. Beside them were 2 lazy porcupines sleeping for a long time. Unfortunately it was raining but it didn’t stop us from having fun. I want to thank my teachers for taking me and my friends.




Our trip to the zoo

Class 5 zoo trip was very fun and I would love to go there again. The first animal we went to see was a monkey, where we learned their signs to say hello friend, leave and a warning to stop disturbing them. The funniest animal we managed to get to were the bats and EVERYONE was scared! Some people didn’t even go in. In my opinion, the penguin were the cutest and one of the class members put their finger on the glass and the penguin followed. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, we went to a different part of the zoo were we were doing a workshop about all the different types of animals including amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals. Then we were split into groups of 4 and learnt about all of these with models and we even got to feel REAL tiger fur.

All in all we had a fabulous day seeing and learning about all the animals in the zoo. By Abbie

Chester zoo trip by joseph

On Friday, class five and three went to Chester zoo, we got there by bus! The first animals we seen were the funny stinky monkeys!! After that we saw a burly rhinoceros! We kept on seeing animals but my favourite were the meerkats and the scary bats in the bat house! Near the end, we went to the Cousteau room where we learnt about life cycles and survival in the wild! It got to lunch time and funnily or stupidly I forgot my lunch! The kind Miss Sixmith,Miss Hope and my friends all managed to put together a nice lunch for me!! We all had a fab time at the zoo!


Chester Zoo Trip 2017

On Friday 12th May, my class and year 3 went to Chester Zoo for the day.
We travelled to the zoo on a coach and we were all excited about the day ahead. As we arrived, we were all given a sticker with a frog on, to show that we were all exploring the zoo.
My favourite animals I saw were giraffes, elephants, zebras, jaguars, penguins and a sloth. I also enjoyed watching the fruit bats fly by and the butterflies. The animals that made me laugh so much was the apes because they were swinging and fighting.
At 12 o clock we had our packed lunch outside but unfortunately it was raining and the ducks were following us.
After lunch ,we learnt about all the different animal groups with one of the zoo keepers, I found this very interesting. We held a real elephant tooth which was large and also held a model of a giraffe’s skull! The animal groups are mammal, fish, amphibious, reptile and bird.
Overall our visit to Chester zoo was fantastic! I look forward to my next visit.

By Sophie Jones

My book review of gansta granny

Hi it is Emily,this is my book review on gansta granny.It is funny and interesting.My favourite bit is where she she steals the jewels from the jewelry shop.The boy is a kind and caring character.The granny us sly but funny.the mum and dad are little bit mean because they don’t let the big go to his grandma’s house.So that is it ! I recommend this to Ebony and Izzi.     Thank you from Emily


wanted for bad deeds if you bring her ALIVE then  the  big cash prize will be £100,000 so get hunting!!!!

This twisted old woman stole a poor girls life for ever, but even worse she stole  her fab job off making kids smile. She is evil her blood shot eyes look  like rotten red apples. Her rotten breath kills animals as she walks past and kills the leaves on the trees. T woman glares at you like a seagull in the night. her face is so wrinkled it peels so easy like the bark off a tree. under her jet black hat sits her long droopy hair like a stringy cob web. dirty nails curl in like a lion ready to jump scare its  pray.  


All about me!

Hello my name is Hollie! I’m 9 years old and I live in the U.K. I love netball and gymnastics. Also I support Liverpool. I suppose you would consider me as a sporty person but I love shopping! I have a older brother called Charlie,he is in high school and he always plays on the Xbox!when I have free time I’m go outside on my own and I do gymnastics but sometimes I play with my neighbours. I have a pet called snoopy he is a jack Russel also he is a very hypo. My favourite animal is a panda. Sometimes,  I like doing art like colouring and doing DIYs at home.my friends are nearly all the people in the class. My favourite shops are Claire’s I like going Claire’s  Because I get jojo bows and the phone cases.i love build a bear because I like getting Care Bears. My favourite colour is blue,purple,turquoise and mint green. I hope I have some questions that I’m more than happy to answer! I hope you enjoyed my blog!

All about me!

Hello, my name is Sophie! I am 10 years old and I live in the U.K. I love school. I love Netball, dancing and Football. I support the team Liverpool. I really love taking part in school tournaments. I suppose you would consider myself as a sporty person but I also love shopping! My favourite shop is Claire’s Accessories. Are you wandering what I buy from there? If so, I love buying JoJo Siwa bows! I have an older brother, who is in high school, called Lewis. When I have free time at my house, I get to play out with my friends. I don’t have any pets but I would really like a dog or a rabbit. Sometimes, I like doing arts and crafts. I enjoy colouring, drawing, making and painting! All my friends are really caring to me and they always make sure I’m ok. Rossmore is a great school. I hope I have some questions, that I’m more than happy to answer! I Hope you enjoyed my blog!

hello my name is Harrison,  I live Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, near liverpool. I have seen a lot of your Blogs .

I have 2 older brothers and 3 sisters.My sister’s names are Alex, Tasha and Zara my mums name is Kasey and my dads is Shaun. I like fruit.my pet’s name is Rustyfor the dog ,Tiger the cat and Victor the tortoise.I support Liverpool and I love burgers and any meet leave a comment bellow what team you support.⚽️Ihave a laptop and iPad

All about us by Isabelle & Abbie

This blog post will be about us and things we like to do.

This is what Abbie likes:

I love to play netball with my friends at school! I also love my two cats Phoebe and Tallulah. I have one half sister called Kelsea and she is 18. I am interested in netball, dancing, playing on my phone and swimming! My favourite food is definitely pizza. My least favourite food is carrots! All of my friends are very supportive and I appreciate them lots. I love having sleepovers with my friends! My favourite colour is blue!

This is what Isabelle likes:

Hi! My name is Isabelle and I love playing netball with my in-school friends! Netball is my favourite sport. I have a sister and she is called Orla. I have no hobbies apart from netball inside of school. When I have free time, I go on my phone and mostly text my friends. My favourite food is obviously cucumber and my least favourite food is whipped cream, I don’t like the texture! My favourite colours are orange and sea blue. I have to many friends to mention! I used to have three dogs, there names are Buddy, Dunk and Saffi.

Thank you for reading our blog post! Come and read our posts again!!

Thankyou for reading our blog post! Please comment and say what you think is good about this blog and what we could do better! Check out some of our friends blogs!


About us by Izzi and Hannah!

About Hannah

Hello world it is Hannah.

I love to play netball,I play for a teem. I play for Ellesmere Port netball club with my best friend Izzi.Mybest friend is Izzi. My favourite band is LITTLE MIX !!My favourite football team is Liverpool.My favourite animal is graffitis and duck .I like playing netball. I have 3 dogs there names are Blue-bell ,Pepper and Rex.My favourite food is cucumber. I live in little Sutton. I have a brother.My favourite colour is red.That is all for now.

About  Izzi!!!

I am Izzi I love to play netball, I play for the Ellesmere Port team with my best friend Hannah. My favourite band is LITTLE MIX!!! Also my favourite colour is RED for L.F.C (Liverpool)  I have 2 brothers one is my twin who is 9 and one is my younger brother who is 7  also I have a sister who is 0. I am from Little Sutton which is close to Liverpool and Chester. My favourite football team is Liverpool. My favourite animal is a giraffe or a zebra.

That is all about me

About myself

In this post I’ll tell you about me

I love Lego because I can make anything with it. Also I like suicide squad because I like dc super heroes and villains .

I have a little brother called Jacob and he hates hugs but he is also a wimp when he’s not allowed to do something and mostly he goes on his I pad but I go on my Xbox or my phone. Also I had a dog and it died but I still have a cat called Oslo. Also my mums name is sue and my dads name is Chris.

about me

Hello my name is Josh and I love football. I support Liverpool. I go to Rossmore primary school. I have a pet dog. Here’s what my friend Joseph thinks about me. Josh is a very good friend I have always been friends with him. He is a great friend to be around and we both love taking part in sports he is very kind. Hi im Ronnie Josh’s friend. I think he is very competititive. He is very good at football. He is my bff. I will be friends with him forever. Bye for now.

Hello summer and Layla here

Hi I am called Layla ,  I love art and my favourite hobbie is craft . I like painting , cutting and sticking and drawing too.  I like taking part in different sports activities

ing part in different sport activities .

hi my name is summer , I love doing sporty stuff. I go to A STAR SPORTS  and I go to a swimming club

by Summer and Layla


All about meeee

Hello my name is grace, I am aged 9 I live in the U.K./ ellsmere port. I love football. I play for a girls football team, I support Everton my family love to watch me. my brother called Tom he is in high school also he plays football my dad is a football manager. I have a fish called klouse. When I have free time I play out. I love shopping but not for food. My favourite shop is Clair’s accessories! What do I by from there? Jojo siwa bows and lots more. I love trampoline parks! THEY ARE FUN. When I have time I do crafts and art. All my friends are really nice to me they always make sure I am happy or ok. Rossmore is a great school. I love jewellery. My favourite colours are mint green, purple and silver. I hope you enjoyed my blog!

I hope you have lots of questions for my next blog!

by grace

All about Harriet

Hi my name is Harriet I am 10 years old and I love horses and rabbits. I have lots of interests, like horse riding and swimming. My horse is 4 years old and my rabbit is newly 1 years old in October .

Things about me ………

I have Alpha  1 Antitriplyn  defisciency, that is liver discese  that means my liver does not work properly, so I have lots of medication to keep me from getting very poorly .I also have many more problems but that does not stop me from going to do what I want to do, like when I am older I want to be a doctor .

Thank you for listening, stay positive and please ask me any questions !

Swegway swag……

I have a black and red Lamborghini hover board with 8″ wheels. I go to the park with my friends and we do spins and tricks on them. It faster than my grandads scooter !!!!

I can do the following tricks:-

1. Burn out – when you stop and spin one wheel, with one in the air and it makes scratching noise.

2. Jump on and off.

3. Spin around on two wheels.

4. Sit on it whilst moving.

5. Gone on our elbows and knees.

I hope you liked my post, please ask me any questions or suggest new tricks!




All about me

Hello,it’s Emily here and I am going to tell you about me.I love school . My amazing hobby is dancing I go to a dance class .I used to have a pet hamster but sadly he died I also have two fish but sadly they died as well.When I have free time at home I always play out with my friends.My favourite restaurant is probably k.f.c because it is really nice and the ice cream is amazing.I have a little sister called daisy she is 7 years old .My playing out friends are Ebony , Abigail, ryes , Alex ,Abbie ,Connie , Joesph and Mackenzie.I love swimming.I have Hypomobiloty it means I have something wrong with my feet.My favourite shop is WH Smith and paper chases down hobby craft they are all craft and staintionry.My favourite sport is netball and swimming.My best toy is my monster high dolls . My favourite stationry is my rubbers I have 145 rubbers .WOW. I collect them. My favourite ice cream is cookie doe ice cream.. Thats all about me From Emily

All about me!

Hello, my name is Ebony-Elyse and I am 10 years old. I love school! My hobby is doing craft work and I love netball. I have a dog called Pedro. My favouite fruit is apples and stawberrys . I like swiming but I don’t like getting my hair wet! The best resturant in my opinion is Frankie and Bennys. I had a stroke when I was 8. A stroke is a blood clot in the brain that burst and it puts you in hospital! You could pass away from it but I’m a surviver!

Thats all about me!

Zoe and Abbie J

Hi it’s Abbie J

I have a little sister called Izzy she is five years old and I am now ten. We both have the same hobby and that’s majorettes we go competitions every Sunday. My favorite animals are penguins and my favorite sport is netball. My favorite colours are blue and purple. My favorite book is the hunger games by Suzanne Collins. My favorite food is roast dinner. My favorite singer is Ed Sheeren. The song I love from Ed Sheeren is castle on the hill. My favorite subject in school is maths and art. My best friend is Zoe. Bye for now .

Hi it’s Zoe ,

I have 2 little brothers called Alexander and Benjamin  and 1 little sister called Brooke. I am 10 years old. I have a step dad called Dave. My favorite hobbys  are swimming and sapphire dance club. My favorite animal  is also a penguin and my favorite sport is dodgeball and netball. My favorite color is blue. My favorite book is the midnight gang by David Williams. My favorite dinner is tune pasta bake. My favorite band is little mix. The song I love from little mix is touch. My favorite subject in school is maths and art. My best friends are Abbie J and Sophie J. Bye for now.


today a man named mr sledge told us about Fair Trade and what Fair Trade meant . all of the Fair Trade prouducts were made in the carabean. We learned that all coco beans should add up to 5 kills grams but the people that payed them for the coco beans payed them like it was 2 killagrams . Fair Trade is about paying the farmers fairly for all the work and effort they have done picking these products . Next time you visit the shops just look out for any Fair Trade foods and remember were they came from and how much traveling they done to get this food to us.

by Layla



Today a guy called mr sledge came in the hall to teach us about fairtrade and it was fun we played  breaks and ladders and we put things together and we did a quiz.Before faitrade they didn’t eat chocolate in different contries

Harrison and Lewis

Fair trade

Today a man caome in. His name was mr sledge. He taught us about fair trade. We learnt that fair trade was like people making chocolate on farms and got less money than what they deserved. So then fair trade started and the farmers got the amount that they deserved.



by summer and abbie

Fair trade

Today,a man called mr Sledge came in to teach us about Fair trade.We didn’t know, the farmers that farm the ingredients, are not getting the right amount of money.We also didn’t know, that they weigh the chocolate before we eat it.Mr Sledge told us to lookout for any Fair trade logos on food.   Next time you go shopping look out for the logo!

By Hollie H and Izzi T

Fair trade

Today a man named Mr Sledge. He thought us about Fair Trade. He said the people used to secretly wheighed the coco beans so the farmers got less amount of money. So if chocolate with the Fair Trade logo it means the farmers the right amount of money

By Zoe