In year 3 we have shared a number of stories throughout the year. Which did you like best and why?

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Year 3 have made some amazing tribal masks!

As part of our rainforest topic we researched different tribal masks. We designed our own using features we liked and then made them using a range of materials. How do you think we did?

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What was your favourite thing about our day at the zoo?

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Editing Stations

Our amazing groups working hard to edit their work using stations. Well done Year 3!img_0931




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Our Invitations to Year 3’s Open Evening!

In Year 3 this morning we have been writing invitations to persuade to parents to come to our open evening. Some proud work here! Well done!img_1894





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Corey’s Winning Blog! Its amazing! Dazzling even!

Hello world and welcome to Rossmore School’s Year 3 Blog page! We live live in Ellesmere Port! We are in Year 3 and are busy doing loads of different things! Mr MacDunne is our teacher and he has Mrs Christian to help us. Everyday we learn new things, as well as doing the daily mile by walking, running and jogging around our school grounds. At the moment we are learning about Whales including different types, such as Blue Whales and Sperm Whales – their are loads of different species! I really like learning about Skeletons because their are so many facts about them that makes it so interesting.

We only started Year 3 in September and already we have been to Clonter Theatre in Congleton. We had a great time there and designed our own theatre using paper and sang along to music with Opera singers and music. We have also started to go swimming every Friday at Ellesmere Port Sports Village which is great fun! Also on a Friday we do ‘show and tell’ – were we tell each other about something we have taken in that day, like medals for running or even a model of a human body!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this -keep logging into read more about our school!
Corey – Year 3 at Rossmore Scool

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Our visit to Clonter theatre was amazing. Our class were so engaged with the performances. it is also our Mastiff week for packtypes – this helped us perform our class poem about Whales. Keep a look out for our blog competition winner for Year 3!

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